A natural part of the cycle of life, is death. For new life to form, there is always a previous passage of death experienced.

For thousands of years wise medicine people have understood and honoured the importance of death and ending phases in life, whether a physical death before incarnating again, or a passage of releasing, letting go in our life. We can experience many feelings within death states, some conscious, many unconscious, which enables us to touch into meaningful insights and progress our path. Death passages ultimately offer us clarity and guidance if we embrace the spiritual element in our journey.

Alongside the end of our physical life, death and ending phases happen regularly within our living cycle, and it can be helpful to see the wider picture of what’s underway. It helps us understand that we are not only evolving on a physical level but our spiritual, soul path evolution is progressing too, which is primarily linked with our incarnation life purpose.

The Incarnation Journey
Our present incarnation is one part of a number of incarnations we have experienced, and just as birth is a spiritual passage, death is also. In each incarnation we have agreed with ourself prior to incarnating what themes we are going to work with in terms of evolvement, themes that will help us progress our path positively, heal, and ways in which we will be in service. To enable us to birth these progressions on a spiritual level it requires us to make prominent ending transitions.

Examples of death and ending passages:

  • Physical death at the end of life – moving through your own death, or a death of a loved one or pet.
  • Ending a key stage in your life before you enter a new phase, these are know as “Rites of passage” i.e. from being a woman without child, to being a mother.
  • A soul release, a key point of soul development. For example finally closing a troubled relationship that’s been tied for a number of incarnations.
  • Experiencing illness is also a form of a death, release transition, and can be a letting go physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Releasing situations or patterns that do not serve you, i.e. an addiction, limiting self-belief or way of being.
  • An ending of a period in your life i.e. leaving a job or vocation, selling up and moving on from place of residence.

Facing death, or releasing phases is no easy passage and takes our courage to face what we need to look at, and patience to manoeuvre through. Taking extra care of ourselves over this time is important. To example, moving through a bereavement of a loved one can be an exhausting time with grief providing little let up.

Here are some helpful questions to reflect on when undergoing a death or ending phase.

What gives you nourishment in a death / ending passage?

What opportunities are you setting up for yourself for rest and retreat?

Who, or what resources can provide you with support at this time?

Applying self-compassion as we journey though a death or releasing phase is key, and to be kind to ourselves as we move through any suffering. Ending phases in our life often serve as an important detox or healing period also. When there is resistance to an ending, cycles can not flow, often creating ill health or that the spiritual teachings will need to be worked on again in another lifetime. When we reflect on our journey of death and we are the other side we can see the power and courage we achieved to move through the challenges, grief, or suffering. This is very important to acknowledge, for our own growth of self, life purpose and health, but also to help us propel into a new phase in our life with revitalised conviction. If the death underway is an end of our physical life, our acknowledgement of our journey can offer us much peace as we pass over.

Sophia England is a “Spiritual Midwife & Maternity Therapist” with specialism of the Incarnation Journey and associated health. If you’ve enjoyed this article please share it using the buttons below.