Maternity Health

Gentle & Sensitive Whole-health Care

Every woman and baby’s maternal journey is unique to them. Below is some outline information on the four trimesters that supports gentle and whole-health care for you and and your baby.

Preconception Care & Fertility

Preparing for pregnancy is a special time, whether it’s your first pregnancy or you are planning for another baby. Optimising your health prior to conception helps lay the foundations for a healthy pregnancy and birth, alongside lifelong health for your baby. Keeping yourself nourished and in well-being is a great starting place, alongside creating a loving environment for your little one to be conceived within is something all parents can co-create.  

The journey to conception however is not only about the parents physiological or emotional health, but their Soul Journey also. More on this topic is covered in the article Spiritual Midwifery In Maternity Care where I talk about Incarnation Health. With respect to the Soul’s Journey and conception, in some ways our journey to pregnancy is out of our hands as we can not force the incoming soul’s journey, everything has its timing, for the mother, father and the little one.

There’s lots of information available on “how to’s on getting pregnant”, my advice is listen to your instinct on what information is helpful to you and what is not, we all have individual health and diet needs, individual soul journeys, and to remember women have been conceiving, and at various ages, naturally for many thousands of years.

Pregnancy Care

As each pregnancy is a unique passage for both mum and baby, the way you journey through your pregnancy and birth will be different to the next woman. As women we have innate wisdom to carry and birth our baby in a way that is natural to us, this wisdom is held in our body and soul.

With extensive hormonal and physiological changes, along with it being one of the most important rites of passage a woman will go through, each pregnancy trimester can bring a mix of feelings, experiences and sensitivity, and taking care of yourself is key for you and your baby’s wellbeing. It is your body, your baby and your birth, and at every step you have the right, including legal right, to choose how you move through your pregnancy, what maternity support you want to receive and how you want to birth your baby.

More information on pregnancy and birth can can be found in my article “Gentle & Empowered Birth: Our Innate Birthing Wisdom”

Birth Care

Birth is unique to each mother and her baby and takes us through a life changing journey. How you want to birth with your baby is your birth rite and is something to be cherished. There are many ways you can birth and it is your choice as the mother, as parents, on what environment is best for you. With much advice around for parents, honour what feels good for you and your baby, look at what choices will give you and your baby nourishment, care, empowerment, present and long term health too.

How ever we wish to birth by tapping into our innate wisdom we can bring our maternal instincts to fore. In labour and birth we develop a remarkable level of sensitivity, physiologically and spiritually, creating a powerful resource to help deliver our babies safely. Listening to our baby’s needs can also help give us guidance and support our birthing journey.

You can read more on birth care via my article “Gentle & Empowered Birth – Our Innate Birthing Wisdom”

Postnatal Care & Infant Years

The post natal period is a tender time and ensuring the mother is well cared for and nourished is integral whilst she cares for her newborn. It’s a misunderstanding that the postpartum passage lasts up to 6 weeks only, it’s natural for this to span to 2 years from the birth as mum’s body and soul undergoes changes.

The transition from carrying your baby for three trimesters, birthing, through to post birth can bring about an emotional and soulful shift for many mothers. Along with hormonal and physiological changes it’s common for new mothers to feel a range of emotions and increased sensitivity. Giving time to recover from your birth is key and will help you care for your baby and set the foundations for long term health for you both.

Keeping your days simple, not doing too much, loosening expectations on what should be at this time can greatly help. Creating a calm, gentle environment for you and your baby is supportive. Many mothers with their newborns stay in the home for some weeks after the birth and take things very simply to help them adjust with changes underway.