Maternity Reflexology

Gentle and holistic health care for you and your baby

Maternity reflexology is a wonderful, gentle and effective therapy and because of this it is one of the best maternity care therapies to support you and your baby’s whole-health care needs, from preconception, throughout each trimester and beyond. The appointments I provide focus on nurture, nourishment, deep relaxation and healing, which are the fundamentals in creating complete health and wellbeing. I work with the physical, spiritual and soul health of both you and your baby, all very gently through your feet. I have a good-sized maternity couch and for postnatal treatments you are very welcome to bring your baby to the treatment, breastfeed, or take a nap with your baby as you receive the maternity reflexology.

How the therapy works:
Maternity Reflexology is an Ancient Natural Therapy and the treatment is made up of a series of gentle foot massages, strokes and gentle pressure on the feet that stimulate the foot reflex points and meridian systems all over the body and promote wellbeing to all facets of our health. Quite simply everything that happens in the person has a reflexion point in the feet and everything that happens in the feet is relayed to the person.

Specialist Treatments

Treatments to help encourage labour and turn breech position:
In addition I offer a very gentle therapy sequence that helps encourage labour along and helps baby turn from breech position from 36 to 40 weeks.

Treatments to release Epidural toxicity:
A further sequence I offer is an Epidural Release which helps release the toxicity of an epidural if you had one, this can be done at any time in your life and often relieves a number of long standing health complaints once treated, here’s an article I’ve written with more information.

IVF and fertility support:
I provide specialist reflexology during IVF and other assisted fertility practices and additionally bring in my skills as a spiritual midwife with this sensitive transition where needed.

Special support appointments:
I also help mother and baby after interventive birth experiences, birth trauma and help you to receive the healing and comfort you may need.

Maternity Reflexology is one of the top therapies to promote production of endorphins and natural oxytocin, the “love hormones” that play a primary role in the maternal journey, supporting fertility, healthy growth, mother and baby bonding, breast feeding, healing in general and helping to ease deeper issues gently.

Empiric knowledge and research studies have demonstrated that those receiving regular maternity reflexology provides more ease in women’s pregnancy and birth with less intervention, strengthening your resources for your postnatal period also. In addition it provides long term health benefits for you and your baby, giving the very best foundations for your child’s health throughout their life, whilst fully supporting your health and enjoyment too.

Treatment Room

About Sophia

I founded my Holistic Health Practice in London 2004 working as a Holistic & Maternity Therapist. Alongside my private practice I ran maternity classes at the Active Birth Centre in London and community venues, held trainings and workshops. I have a whole-health care approach, respecting the physical, spiritual, soul health of each individual and I am an advocate for natural and sensitive health care for all. Through 10 years of holistic health practice work I have developed an effective way that treats simply with focus on gentleness and care, whilst simultaneously supporting all holistic components of our health.

I am currently writing a specialised book that encompasses the above themes and more can be found here.

Maternity Reflexology Training:
ITECH Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
Maternity Reflexology – Suzanne Enzer

I am additionally trained in Maternity Massage and Preconception & Maternity Yoga and bring my experience from the practices into each therapy treatment.

Practice Venue:
I have a home practice based in Penzance, please contact for more information.

£45 – Initial first time appointment plus consultation – 1.5hours including free consultation time within
£45 – subsequent appointments at 70 mins

Contact & Booking
I welcome your enquiry – To book an appointment or make an enquiry:
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