Spiritual Midwifery

Gentle & Sensitive Whole-health Care

Spiritual Midwifery provides whole-heath care for the mother and baby, the whole-health care approach meaning respect for the physical, spiritual, soul health of each individual, the human incarnation journey and associated health.

Below are foundation ethics of Spiritual Midwifery and Whole-health Maternity Care.

  • The practice of Spiritual Midwifery advocates that all parts of mother and baby’s well-being and birthing journey is sacred. It is to be treated sensitively, seeing birth as a rite of passage.
  • The mothers choices throughout her maternal journey are respected and supported at all times.
  • Empowerment for mother and baby within their maternity journey is integral, all care given is to support and nourish this with no disturbance to the mother and baby’s intimate journey.
  • The nature of birth is an instinctive process, made up of physical, emotional, spiritual and soul changing experiences, which intrinsically support one another in functioning, and create whole health, holistic health. A baby who is born gently and welcomed into the world by love and care has the best possible start in life.
  • All care given is gentle and sensitive, protecting the mother’s and baby’s holistic health and welfare, present and lifelong health, incarnation and generational health.
  • When we are the care-giver, health professional, we give priority to our self-care to ensure our own health and wellbeing is continually nourished and take the rest and reflection time we need.