Babies when born are especially sensitive, they have an intricate physiological make-up which is best left undisturbed as this enables baby’s health to flourish naturally, (relating article “Protecting Life long Health For You & Your Baby” ). This sensitivity is part of our vital life force and extends not only from the physical body but also to the etheric body, the energy body of your baby. It is non-visible to most of us but your baby is fully attuned to this energy within them and the external layer around their body. In my practice I often work with the outer energy field of both babies and mothers, as it offers a much gentler way of treating and reduces any chance of over stimulation.

Alongside the protection of baby’s physical sensitivity, their spiritual sensitivity is also something we must protect. Spiritual sensitivity meaning some babies born are aware at some level what their soul’s purpose is in this life time and the wider picture of their incarnation journey, some may also be sensitive to remembering their past incarnations, and knowing why they’ve been born into the family they have chosen. Babies and children with high levels of mind, body, spiritual sensitivity are developed souls with an intention to fulfil a certain purpose in this lifetime. Additionally they often have a second purpose to help serve their wider community, bringing about more peace, truth and wellness here on earth, teaching new ways. These evolved children are referred to Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Children, groups of new souls being born that have a highly developed spiritual path and intention.

More than often children’s  sensitivity and delicate systems aren’t understood, children then loose their sensitive connection and a vital part of their wellbeing. This can result in them becoming unwell, establishing allergies, illnesses and disorders, and can also present depression, anger, regular mood swings, being withdrawn. They need our understanding so they can be well and fulfil their path with more ease. Like the process of homeopathy, where the remedy is the same frequency of the ailment, meeting like with like, we need to meet their sensitivity with the same level of sensitivity for it to be looked after.

Here are some tips on how we can care for babies and children’s sensitivity, helping to preserve it:

Preconception Support
Starting from the earliest point of the cycle, we can support our baby’s journey from preconception. Many developed souls have the ability to communicate messages to mum and other family members before they are conceived to help both mum and baby’s journey go smoothly. Many women talk of the messages from their incoming baby, saying when they will be conceived, what sex they are, what gifts they hold. This commonly is communicated via a dream to the mother, or when she is receiving relaxation time, meditating, spending time in nature. Once conceived they often continue messaging more saying how best to care from them throughout the maternity passage, helping mum as she births, and much more. Creating relaxation time prior to conception, in pregnancy and beyond, will help you create further intimacy with your baby. An example of how to do this can be found on my article Mother’s Breath -Increasing Well-beng For You & Your Baby.

Body and Soul food for mother and baby
A baby’s sensitivity is super precious, all the way through from preconception, birth and beyond. In early months, baby’s fundamental needs are food, care, love, gentle stimulation and rest. Whatever baby takes in or they are exposed to environmentally needs to be compatible to their sensitivity. Wholefood diets help preserve these levels of sensitivity, they are gentle on the body, are toxin and additive free and nutritionally rich. Having a wholefood diet that suits your baby, your child, you if your pregnant, breastfeeding, will help protect their sensitivity and sustain their wellbeing. Getting adequate rest, and nourishing oxytocin time (the hormone released when we feel good) helps their development also. Giving yourself this type of nourishment will help you attune with their sensitivity, you will be more receptive to the spiritual messaging they are giving to you too.

Your child’s incarnation purpose
All of us have an individual purpose in this lifetime to fulfil. We may not have a sense of what that is, but we can hold the intention this exists, which in turn will support our child’s journey, their life path and purpose.

Spotting our children’s pointers to help us support them
Our baby, child, will give us all the pointers we need in how we can support them. In early months and years we can look out for our baby’s responses, note connections, repeats of behaviors, unusual quirks, colours, sounds, and visuals they like, places and people they respond to positively. Additionally supporting areas of sensitivity that perhaps we can not sense but they can, i.e communication, visuals and messages they may say they receive which appears to be coming from an unseen source, and listening to the wisdom they are here to share with us. Even as a baby or child, an evolved soul can offer us mature, spiritual truths to learn.

Acknowledging our children as spiritual messengers
Our children can often help teach us, give us prompts, messages, pointers on how best to maneuver with our own paths development as well as their own, they need us to be open and aware to see the messages they are giving us, they can be direct, but also subtle. Particularly developed souls, those of the Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Soul groups will be frequently helping other people’s path development. These children have a clear sense of direction and truth. They like colour, time in nature, they response well to sensitivity, and their chakras are well developed, particularly heart, third eye and crown chakras, having strong intuitive and psychic ability. They may also hold a sense of strong mission in them needing to be fulfilled. All children are naturally individuals, but spiritual developed children may be noticeably different in some way to other children, behaviors, appearance, and communication skills. Cherishing their individuality and pathway is key.

Sophia England is a “Spiritual Midwife & Maternity Therapist” supporting mother, baby and family health. If you’ve enjoyed this article please share it using the buttons below.

(photo courtesy of Oakley Origionals)