Instinct enables us to tap into our innate wisdom, and helps us to create well-being and life long health. I call this the “Mother Nature Instinct”, which is a sensitivity that is important to nourish and preserve. Since beginning of time, before we relied on information, we have used our instincts to keep well, birth and survive. A mother who can access her own instincts will help her embody her natural birthing instincts and her ability to raise her family with more ease. As Maternity Caregivers when we bring our instinctive wisdom to our client practice we create a valuable source and sensitivity from which to work from, both for ourselves and for mother and baby.

5 Ways We Can Keep Instinctual:

Keeping our path in simplicity
This helps us keep steady in our energy, minimises stresses. It supports us to be in our natural body sensitivity, which creates space for those instincts and guidance to come through each day.

Helping our body to renew our energy and detoxify
Take time to be with the natural environment, time in a local park, sitting by a lake, tending to your garden at home can all be ways to easily connect with nature. This helps renew our energy and detoxify, and helps preserve instinctual sensitivity.

Looking after our whole health
Eating well, with wholefood diet if that suits your body, helps clear toxins and nourishes us holistically. Exercise where we can, ensuring we have good sleep. Taking time to unwind and create nourishing “me time”.

“Me time”
In having “me time” we remember the places that nourish us, keep us strong, well and empowered. When we regularly create this time we look after our ability to tap into our instinctive nature, and to trust it, we learn also how to access it when ever we need.

Being mindful of the bigger picture, honouring your own rhythm
We are all unique with different body sensitivity and physical needs. Listening to our own rhythm, taking our own pace helps us keep balanced, well and in instinct. Take each day in a way that serves you, this then enables to support not only yourself but those around you too.


Sophia England is a “Spiritual Midwife & Maternity Therapist” supporting the birth journey from fertility through to infant years.

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