Should I do reflexology on a very young baby? Is it safe?
Yes Reflexology is very safe, we only do very gentle reflex work with new-born, baby, infant, because their energy is beautifully sensitive, and a little goes a long way, so light pressure and gentle soft strokes. You can look at your baby and see how they respond to a reflexology treatment, if they seem happy, or comforted, at peace, then baby is contented with the reflexology being facilitated.

What is Reflexology?
Maternity Reflexology is an Ancient Natural Therapy that uses subtle energies of the feet to create balance and support, and can help towards healing many ailments. Quite simply everything that happens in the being has a reflexion in the feet.

How should I hold my baby and do reflexology?
You can try it when your breast feeding / lying on the lap with feet towards mum / dad / or on changing table, a pram, high chair etc, bigger babies can be done on the hip do one foot then change and do the next, even bigger babies can try sitting on dads shoulders.  

What techniques can I use?
Light pressure, gentle soft strokes, sweet nurture holds. Tickling a baby is not always a sign of contentment so observe carefully for other signs of contentment or not. We can also do hands off work on your baby and hover our hand over the reflex area.

How do I know if my baby is enjoying it or not?
You can look at your baby and see how they respond to a reflexology treatment, if they seem happy, or comforted, at peace, then baby is contented with the reflexology your offering. If they are kicking out, moving away or continue crying then we stop, it’s baby and mother natures way to say “not now mum” and then maybe try a day later.

How often can I do it?
When ever you feel you’d like to do it for your baby, you could do each day or at certain times in the day, i.e. before bed time, play time, bath time, possible anxious times for calming etc.

How long can I do it for? Read the signs of your baby, half a minute maybe or 10 minutes. For as long as they are enjoying it and stay engaged.

What are some of the things that reflexology can help my baby with?
Colic / Reflux / Poor feeder / Poor sleeper / Stressed baby from birth / Angry baby / Infant Eczema

Can I do it myself?
Yes, absolutely, for example here’s some D.I.Y steps for your baby if they have Colic:

Firstly babies natural sensitivity means that they pick up on the feelings you are moving through, so if your stressed and tirered lets start with helping you relax.

Nourish and relaxing mum:

  • Starting with some simple breathing, take a series of slow nourishing breaths, centering the breath if you can, down to your belly, hips and feet. You know this is taking place when your shoulders start to relax and drop down a bit.
  • Put stressful thoughts aside and say a positive affirmation to yourself such as “I have all I need to be relaxed and nourished as I support my baby”, or something that gives you a sense of capability and trust in your mothering instincts.
  • Make eye contact with your baby if possible.
  • Talk to your baby and tell them you are there for them.

Nourishing baby and you:

Step 1.) The healing power of your touch can not be underestimated. Start the cycle by holding your babies feet gently one in each hand, cupping the heal, both at the same time. This is what I called the “mother earth hold”, and helps confidence, eases many physiological ailments, including traumatic birth and incarnation health issues.

Step 2.) Holding your baby’s foot gentley, move your thumbs to just above the centre of each foot. This is the “solar plexus” reflex. Gently press three times and circle your thumbs – this point is good for general calming and settling.

Step 3.) Gently stroke from under the big toe in the direction of the heel – this reflex helps in the calming of the nervous system.

Step 4.) Circle gently clockwise with your thumb on the middle of baby’s foot, in the arch. This area connects to their digestive system and helps ease wind.

Step 5.) Repeat on the other foot.

Step 6.) End the cycle by holding your baby’s heels in the cup of your hand gently, one in each hand at the same time, with the “mother earth hold”.

If your baby doesn’t want their skin to be touched directly but you sense they still would like to receive a therapy sequence, for example if they have a skin complaint such as Eczema, work off the skin, hovering an inch or two above the points outlined with the above routine.

Being initially shown how to give a Baby Reflexology Therapy can also be a helpful way to gain understanding and confidence to then provide Reflexology for your baby yourself.  The more we offer reflex touch to our baby and watch how they respond we create dialogue with our baby, babies tell us exactly what they need more than often. As mothers / parents  we learn to trust our connection with our baby, nobody knows your baby better than you do.