The Soul’s Journey – Overview
Our present life is part of a chain of many other lives undergone, we birth and die and our soul continues to live on. This is an on-going soul journey, meaning our soul reincarnates from one lifetime to another in a different physical body each time, along with specific incarnation purposes to progress with. When our physical body dies our soul resides in the afterlife and pre-life state, what I refer to as the spiritual realm. Our soul continually lives and exists of energy, a form of vibration.

Incarnation / Life Purposes
We incarnate with specific and individual life purposes that will progress our soul’s overall evolution. Our soul agrees on what life purposes to work with prior to incarnating. We aren’t forced to work with a purpose but we do have spiritual guidance encouraging us to take options that best develop our overall path. Each individual has a different pace of progressing with their life purposes, some people take many lifetimes to develop a purpose others are more evolved and work more thoroughly with them. These purposes are unique to us each and they interlink in various ways. There are continual opportunities given through day-to-day living to develop our life purposes, including via our physical body as this is innately linked with our soul. As incarnation purposes are generated by our soul and wider history, past lives etc., there is a bigger picture at work therefor all purposes need good time to be developed. This is more so when the purpose is being worked through via the physical body.

SOUL-BODY-MEMORY – Our physical body holds memory, including that from our present and past incarnations. This is held via our cellular composition and energetic body, and integrates with our soul’s being and spiritual wisdom.

Incarnation purposes take many forms, examples such as; to create healthier relations to yourself and others, form a new innovation or provide a needed service, being a parent, living self-compassion, learning to be responsible for actions, balance with attachment, lessons in worthiness, and so on, there are infinite variations. The progression of incarnations doesn’t take a conventional linear ascension as some religions believe. A person can have a life as a spiritual teacher in a previous incarnation and a life of poverty in the next. Day-to-day living, events, the choices we make, family, other relations, all assist learning around our life purposes. Often we have choices to make on how we progress our path including how we view or manage an event. There are times however when we have no choice and external events dictate the direction. This in itself is often a key trigger point, a place of significant soul growth and or transformation of old soul patterns that no longer serve us. Particularly with such passages, alongside giving ourself care and compassion, we take good time for reflection so we can connect to our inner wisdom, our soul wisdom.

Whole-Health Care
Our soul health is as important as our physical health, they both fully integrate and reason why I promote the whole-health care approach, the respect of physical, spiritual and soul health of each individual which supports all facets of our being. This next example outlines the interrelation between soul and physical health, and life purposes. A mother who had a caesarean birth came to see me at the practice. The years before she conceived and in pregnancy she had longed to birth naturally, it was important to her and this was reflected in her birth plan alongside taking good care of her body and soul health in pregnancy. Immediately after the birth alongside her love for her newborn, she went into a state of grief and this lasted for a number of years. Recovering from the surgical procedure itself was part of this grief, but over the therapy sessions it became clear that in her previous life her baby had died in delivery and the event of the caesarean in her present life triggered past life body and soul memory, which in turn brought a deep release and healing. One of her life purposes was being present to her grief so it could run it’s course along with living a more self-compassionate existence. If this grieving process, soul health, isn’t given priority to run a natural release and heal cycle, or unnecessary medication or intervention is administered, a chain of physiological, emotional and mental illnesses usually occur.

Letting the natural cycles of soul health and associated physiology run their course is paramount. It can at times help to know directly what the source of the trigger is, in this case the death of her baby and associated grief from her past life, at other times its beneficial not to know so we minimise trauma. More commonly we don’t have access to what the source is. What we do honour is letting the whole-health cycle take its natural healing course allowing the time it needs to cycle, being patient and applying sensitive health care throughout.

Certain levels of suffering are a natural part of human existence but people undergo unnecessary additional suffering and illness due to the lack of understanding particularly around soul health needs. When we care for a new life coming into this world, from conception to birth and beyond its key we care for the whole-health of the baby from the outset, this not only nurtures their present and longer term physical health, wellbeing, but their soul health and incarnation purposes. This model applies for all human health care, and at any stage in life.

Sophia is a specialist on the whole-health care approach, respecting the physical, spiritual, soul health of each individual, and advocates sensitive health care.

She is currently writing a book on the soul’s journey and associated health. If you would like to be notified when the book is published please make enquiry via the contact page to be added to the book mailing list.