The lunar cycle provides a natural cycle of life and birth each month, and we can harness these passages to help our holistic health, fertility and new beginnings in life. Below is more on how you can optimise from the New Moon and & Lunar Fertility Cycles.

What and when is a New Moon?
On the day of New Moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets and crosses the sky with the sun during the day. That’s why we can’t see the New Moon in the sky. It is too close to the sun’s glare to be visible. Within the meeting of these two planets,The Sun, male, father, and The Moon, female, mother, presents a natural cycle of conception and meeting point. Another interpretation of the New Moon cycle point is to think of a seed needing the dark warm nourishing earth to start its life for good germination. Unlike the Full Moon where we harvest a full culmination point, the New Moon is the beginning, the seed point of creation and life. For fertility it’s a natural place of opening and where we are supported in conception. It’s also where we can focus our intent for new starts.

How the New Moon relates to you and your body cycle:
Each month presents a different New Moon; in January it is New Moon in Capricorn, then its moves to the next months cycle to New Moon in Aquarius and so on through each of the 12 moons signs over the 12 months over the year. If you are aware of what your natal moon is, the moon you were born under at the time of your birth, this then also becomes a further significant moon period for fertility and point of new cycle. I see many couples conceive on their natal New Moons. The image below shows the development cycles of the moon over the month the lowest point being the New Moon, then clockwise waxing to the highest point being the Full Moon, then waning back down to New Moon.

In addition there is a second moon cycle called The Lunar Fertility Cycle where the position of the moon when your were born, i.e., new moon, crescent, full moon etc., gives a further cycle that can be applied to a women’s menstrual and fertility cycle, alongside her partners optimum virile cycle. To example this, I see many women conceive on their bleeding time, and this is often due to their Lunar Fertility Cycle is at its peak over this time, hence key conception times are certainly not limited to the mid point in the menstruation cycle. There are many points when conception can occur. If the man and the woman have a conjunct Lunar Fertility Cycle this makes very fertile ground between them.

If you would like information on your New Moon Dates, or Conception & Lunar Fertility Cycles, please contact Sophia.

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